How We Roll

Most of the vendors you hire for your big day will show up, do their job, collect their money, and leave. It’s their job, and they do it well. It’s just a very transactional experience that is always ruled by the logistics of the wedding day. We don’t get down like that though. We wanna vibe with you and your love before ANYTHING ELSE is set in stone. We wanna know YOU. Meeting bad ass, vibrant souls like you is such an honor. We’re not just here to stick a camera up in ya grill and tell you to smile.

We have the honor of witnessing the love and the fire between you and your soulmate. And that’s what set our hearts on fire. YOU are what inspires us. That damn 2020 quarantine taught us so much about life that we all seemed to have forgotten. Life is so damn wild and beautiful, and all the best times of our lives seem to go by so tragically fast. We’re here to document ALL those precious, fleeting moments. Moments that will become memories. Memories you can cherish the shit out of, for years and years to come. Memories that your children (and even THEIR OWN children) will love and cherish too.

We're here to capture the essence of your wild, gorgeous, electric souls.

Before DeVante and I got hitched, we already knew that all we’d have left to relive the happiest day of our lives were gonna be those damn beautiful photos. I am SO glad we didn’t skimp out. I ALREADY KNEW Snapchat pics and IG stories from our drunk friends and family weren’t gonna cut it. I would’ve never forgiven myself.

Anyway - we’re here to capture the essence of your wild, gorgeous, electric souls. Your hair will not be perfect in every photo and YOU BEST BELIEVE we’re down to get barefoot and dirty. We want to CELEBRATE LIFE with you, drink a few beers with you before and after we shoot. Smoke a J together (only if we’re in a green state, of course)! Hit up a karaoke bar. GO GET TATTOOS TOGETHER. Go on a skydiving double date. Go pig out on some bomb ass ramen & sushi. Whatevs. We wanna get to know the real you so we can
T E L L   Y O U R   S T O R Y .


We fucking love you. You inspire us.

And that’s exactly what makes us different. We’re not here to be just another name added to your list of vendors. We’re here to create a beautiful lasting friendship with you. No, we’re not like other holier-than-thou / cookie cutter photogs out there, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We keep shit real, just like you ;) We love dirty jokes, love on everyone we meet, and still manage to be foul-mouthed heathens. So if you’re not really catching a vibe with us, that’s totally cool. Or if you’re here to score a cheap deal, we’re probably not the best fit for you either, and we hope you find everything you’re looking for.

If you are, however, feelin our vibe, just know that we absolutely LOVE what we do and pour every bit of our artistic energy into creating and documenting these memories for you. We are INFINITELY grateful that the universe led you here. Reach out if you’re down to do the damn thing!