Have any questions? I know you do.

Hey babe! Saori here. I dunno about you, but when I’m doing my research, I wanna know it all. I value transparency, and lawd knows I love to read and stalk through websites just to see what someone’s about. Please take some time to read through all the questions below!

We also cover a lot more questions in our pricing guide. (Reach out and we’ll email it to you asap). If you still have questions on top of that, shoot us a message and ask away! We’re an open book and always here for you.

Continued from above....

All that shit alone is SO awe-inspiring and totally worth cherishing. Now throw in some major events into the mix, like the sacred union of two souls through marriage?! The heartbeat of a new human life growing and kicking inside you??! What a BEAUTIFUL fucking thing!!

However you choose to celebrate the magic in your life, we’re here for it ALL. Whether it’s a quiet weekend in the woods, a kickback at the beach, or a full on fucking celebration with music and drinks and your favorite weirdos on earth, that’s what it’s all about. The spirit of gratitude. The spirit of celebration.

The spirit of revelry.




What should we expect while working with you guys?

Short answer? FUN!

Prepare to have a blast. We're gonna hang out, jam to some good music... we can go grab a drink before/after the shoot, get to know each other, laugh our heads off, and just enjoy a bad ass double date!

This is how we keep the pressure low and the experience stress-free. We're all about the CONNECTION. Take it from me... we're pretty damn good at making people feel CONFIDENT. Comfortable. Feel all kinds of good about themselves. We DJ multiple nights a week in Houston, so we've gotten pretty good at this ;)

We're awkward as hell in front of the camera though... We've never done this before!

All good boo! We're gonna help you figure out what to wear, and we're more than happy to suggest locations and all that good stuff. Just think of it as a fun date experience!

Also, our shoot is a collaboration between us. We're gonna guide you and direct you (as far as what to do) so you can let loose, get playful, flirty, ALLLL of the above. There will be an abundance of booty grabs, making out, and cuddling the shit outta each other ;)

Do both of you always come to every shoot? Will we get both of you for our wedding?

YES, AND HELL YES! We're a package deal, and we're better together. Most photographers will charge you hundreds of dollars to have an additional shooter for your wedding, but not us. We cover more of this in our pricing guide, but long story short... YASSS! We all get to hang out together ;)

How many photos will we get back? Are you gonna "upsell" more photos to us when we receive our images?

We guarantee a minimum amount of photos for every shoot/wedding (as detailed in our pricing guide) but we focus on quality over quantity. No worries though, you're gonna get plentyyy of photos.

And nope, we don't believe in holding back memories from you. When we create art, we create it TOGETHER. These are your memories. Other people may use that as a sales strategy, but that's not how we roll.

Where are you guys based out of?

Houston, Texas baby! However, there's nothing we love more than putting miles on our car, or hopping on a plane to our next adventure. (We have a special discount for our couples who take us to our dream locations. Check out our TRAVEL page for more info).

Do you guys offer discounts other than your bucket list discount? Can you hook us up?!

Well, we have local pricing available for weddings and portrait sessions in our home state. That's about it!

How long have you been a photographer?

Since 2012!! For EIGHT mothafuckin years I've been able to witness, study, and document the human experience. The beauty of exploration and travel. The wild magic of two humans in love. This is more than just a job to me. This is my LIFE.

Why don't you have more galleries of past clients? Why don't you show more photos of the weddings you've shot in the past?

This is a long story... but I always promise full transparency. Before I married DeVante, I was involved with a very dangerous, unstable person who sabotaged my life. All my gear and equipment was stolen and destroyed, but I didn't have enough proof that would hold up in court. I lost everything, went on a (temporary) downward spiral, and later shut down my website. I ended up quitting. I was at a total loss, and I felt like such a failure. My art was my escape, my purpose, and I failed.

I eventually got my shit together and picked up right where I left off. I learned A LOT of valuable lessons from that experience, and it's made me SO MUCH fucking wiser. I'm thankful for all the seasons of my life that molded me into who I am today. There's a saying that goes "the toughest steel is forged in the hottest fire."

WOW. So is that how you and DeVante got into business together?

Yep! DeVante has been my BIGGEST supporter ever since we met. (That's my baby, yall... true definition of a BEST FRIEND). I learned to step away from all my fears and run back to the pursuit of my passion. Art is my fucking LIFE, yall!!

When we got engaged, we both decided we were gonna rebuild, revamp, re-brand, and restart this thing. TOGETHER. And trust me, we're better that way. Most of 2019 was consumed by our wedding planning process, but we STILL managed to meet our goal of reopening for business in early 2020!

That's amazing! How has this changed your outlook on life and the way you approach your business? How has it made you better?

I'm a wiser, stronger, and more confident person than I was before. I've discovered my self-worth and fully understand my value as an artist. I'm not afraid of failure anymore. My background in art, design, and composition (from my college days) has definitely supported this journey, but it goes all the way back to my childhood. My style has tremendously expanded and evolved with me, and I'm SO fucking proud of that.

DeVante and I have spent thousands in training and education, equipment, personal development, and sooo much more, all so that we can provide YOU with a better experience all around. We stay inspired by you beautiful people.


Thank you for reading through that.

I hope you feel like you know us a little better now. It's always intimidating to reveal those darker parts of our lives, but I know the right people will appreciate the vulnerability. We're human too, navigating this wild, beautiful life. We're here to connect with you, cry with you, laugh with you, and celebrate YOUR MAGIC beside you.